If purple shampoos are a super cool thing for blondes, then shampoo is the way to go for brunettes!  becoming popular, and we’re excited to tell you all about it. Let’s talk about why it’s fantastic for keeping your brown hair awesome! We’re curious to learn about all the good things green shampoo can do, even if there aren’t many products made just for brown hair.

Now, if we want to make it very, very easy:

Green shampoo is great for brunettes, just like purple shampoo is cool for blondes! We’ll talk about why is awesome for your brown hair. It’s becoming popular, and we’re excited to share all about it. Let’s discover the good things does, even if there aren’t many made just for brown hair. By adding to your hair care routine, your already gorgeous brown hair will acquire a persistent shine and freshness. As you can imagine, finding a shampoo isn’t difficult for brunettes, but using a basic shampoo yielded, well, basic results. When you use a shampoo made especially for your hair type, there are additional benefits beyond just cleaning your hair.

What is Green Shampoo

Green shampoo

Like blue and purple shampoo, the term describes the product’s color and neutralizing properties. Consider this shampoo to be your hair’s color corrector. As with makeup, you would apply an orange color corrector to blue skin areas, a green color corrector to red acne scars, etc. Dark brown hair can have any undesired red tones neutralized with green shampoo.

Why Green Bottle Shampoo is a Big Deal

Let me tell you why selecting green bottle shampoo is a special choice for your hair.

The green color on the bottle shows that it’s good for the environment. It’s like a little sign that says it cares about nature and being responsible for the environment. Using green bottle shampoo is therefore more than just washing your hair—it’s like giving the earth a high five and declaring, “I want to keep things clean and green!

Typically crafted from materials conducive to recycling, these bottles actively contribute to waste reduction. Opting for green bottle shampoo is not merely about hair care; it’s a conscientious choice aligned with companies that prioritize both environmental well-being and hair health.

Why do you need to use shampoo?

Green shampoo

It’s all about balance, my dear! Green shampoo works to balance the red tones in your brunette hair, offsetting any red tones that make your hair appear more fiery than it should. Just as purple neutralizes yellow (which is why purple shampoo is essential for blonde hair care), blue neutralizes orange, and green works to balance the red tones in your brunette hair. Look at the color chart below to get a basic understanding of this; adjacent colors are complementary. Green shampoo helps your hair become more balanced and less prone to unwelcome undertones.

Frequently using heat on your hair, exposing it to harsh water or sunlight, or when your hair naturally lightens and reveals the underlying pigment can all cause these unwanted red undertones.


Your hair’s gorgeous natural brunette tones can be restored, sparing you numerous salon visits, by regularly washing it with green shampoo or adding a green hair mask to your hair care regimen once or twice a week. 

Is tea green shampoo good for your hair?

Green tea extract has been shown in scientific studies to potentially help prevent hair loss. In addition to vitamin D, omega fatty acids, melatonin, and other ingredients, many hair fall control products also include green tea extracts. If you are experiencing hair loss, you may also try green tea shampoo.

Who can use shampoo?

Green shampoo

From lighter hair with blue undertones to deeper, warm tones, being a brunette encompasses a wide range of shades. It’s crucial to determine what shade of brown your hair is to ensure that a is appropriate for your hair type. 

The brunette tones that lean toward the deeper end of the spectrum are best suited for green. Using a blue shampoo will help lessen brassiness and orange tones in your lighter brown hair. Green shampoo is best suited for hair that is medium to deep in color, as deeper brown tones have red undertones. 

Green Shampoo Recommendations

A few brands have introduced products that have received excellent reviews, even though the market is still catching up when it comes to brunette hair care. We suggest Matrix’s color-depositing collection below if you intend to join the green shampoo trend shortly.

The field of hair care is constantly changing, educating us and demonstrating to us how to properly take care of our hair in the present. It’s great that there are products made especially for each type and color of hair; nobody has to live in a one-size-fits-all environment. Applying correctly can do wonders for your gorgeous brunette hair. It’s the best at-home method for giving your hair life and vibrancy back to your color. This is the best it gets now, isn’t that right? Remember to impart all of the knowledge you have acquired today to any brunettes you may know or are one yourself!

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